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   Suruthi Jesenthiran

   Vice Principal 加方副校长

   Suruthi Jesenthiran attained her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, and her Bachelor of Education at Nipissing University in Ontario, Canada. She began her teaching career in September, 2013 with Wuhan Maple Leaf in the Middle School Program before joining the BC teaching program in the English and Social Studies department in February 2014. Suruthi has returned for her sixth year and is eager to begin her new position of Educational Coordinator. Suruthi is also passionate about global issues and has been organizing the Model United Nations program. During her years in China, Suruthi has developed a passion for travelling to historical sites as a way to further educate herself. Suruthi is excited for another adventurous year in China, and at Maple Leaf.

Personal Curriculum Perspective

   The new BC curriculum is about allowing students to attain skills through personalized learning. It’s about students realizing how they learn instead of what they learn. As a social studies teacher I appreciate the core competencies because it allows students to empathize and have a deeper understanding of different groups of people within society. These competencies contribute to students learning more about themselves and who they are becoming as a person. Ultimately, this approach will develop a well-rounded global/responsible citizen.